Renita Harris – Biography

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Renita Harris is an American fitness model and competitor. She has featured in many of the professional bodybuilding and fitness competitions. She is a fitness extraordinaire and a great admiration of many people all over the world.

Renita has worked hard in the body building and fitness industry and was placed third in the world championships and first in the Ms. Illinois, Ms USA, Ms America, Ms. Fitness America and overall winner in Team Universe. She is a true icon in the fitness and body building industry.

Renita Harris is famous all over the world and she has featured in numerous talk shows including Oprah, Mark Walburn and Jerry Springer. She has also featured in many magazines including Black Men, Oxygen, Today’s Black Women, Muscle Fitness, and Muscular Development. She is a true inspiration to the women in the fitness world. She represents the muscular and fit women who really know how to take care of their bodies.
renita harris

Renita began working out in 1982 and has been in the business since. Prior to fitness modeling Renita was a professional dancer and was a back up dancer to popular names such as LL cool J and Mr. Lee. She has done over fifteen years of dance training in tap, jazz and ballet. Renita has a passion for fitness and assists others to attain that goal. She has been teaching for over 17 years.

Apart from the many first place fitness and body building tittles and posing in many body building and fitness competitions, Renita is a certified nutritionist and weight management specialist. She is also certified in Tae Bo training, kick boxing cardio, pole dancing group fitness and strength training.

Renita is a true inspiration to the many women out there who desire to venture in the fitness and body building business.

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The Success Of Renita Harris

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Renita Harris definitely is a woman who can easily impress with her body. There is no doubt in the fact that Renita has worked really hard to achieve the look she can be proud with today, so we can surely say that she fully deserves all credit.

Renita Harris is still known throughout the United States as the most successful female bodybuilder that has ever attended a competition. Throughout her long running career, Renita has won numerous prizes, being widely appreciated for her commitment and determination to make performance in the bodybuilding world.

Below you can watch of video of Renita Harris from a competition dating back to 1996. By watching this video you will make a better idea on what such a competition means and how Renita looked about 14 years after starting bodybuilding training for the first time.

The success that Renita has always enjoyed has only been obtained with hard work and love for exercise. There is no wonder after all that Renita has actually released her own exercising videos. Renita is currently trying to teach all her fans, and actually everyone interested in exercising for a beautiful body and a healthy life, the importance of workout.

In the video below you can watch a simple exercising routine that Renita Harris promotes. You may try these exercises yourself, in the comfort of your home. Renita will show you exactly how to perform them correctly.

Renita Harris will always remain an example of hard work, commitment and dedication. What she managed to achieve is not simple at all and it actually requires a lot of work and talent. Renita has surely proved to possess both the skills and the charm to make her work popular all around the world.

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Renita Harris – An Amazing Star

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Renita Harris is an amazingly successful star nowadays. Actually she has become widely known as an American fitness model and competitor. Renita has millions of fans all over the world, the model becoming renowned and appreciated at a global level.


You may find this quite curious, but Renita has actually been able to get the third place in world bodybuilding championships including here Ms. Illinois, Ms USA, Ms American and Ms Fitness America. She also is the overall winner in Team Universe. Renita has worked amazingly hard in the body building and fitness industry to be able to achieve these performances. And she surely deserves all credit for that.

Renita Harries began working with the purpose to achieve the body shape that has brought her so much success many years ago. Actually, she began practicing in 1982. Before that Renita has tried her skills as a professional dancer. The star has been a dancer for LL cool J and Mr. Lee, Renita proving to have amazing dancing skills, too. Despite her great performance, the star has known that she always wanted to develop a career in bodybuilding.


With a background of more than 15 years of training in tap, jazz and ballet, Renita has a lot to be proud of. She also is a certified nutritionist. Renita is at the same time a certified nutritionist and a bodybuilding trainer. In fact, this amazing star has skills in Tae Bo training, but also cardio, pole dancing group fitness and kick boxing training.

Having under consideration all those skills and the training and expertise that Renita Harris has, there is no wonder that the star is so famous and known all around the world. She has been invited to make appearances in many shows, including here Oprah, Jerry Springer, but Mark Walburn. Renita is considered to be a true inspiration for women from all around the globe. She was featured in many magazines, as well. She manages to show that all women can make a career in this hard domain, as long as they have determination and put a lot of hard work into it.

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The Huge Ambition Of Renita Harris

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Renita Harris is one of the most popular fitness competitors and bodybuilders. Bodybuilding is a very difficult sport which requires a daily workout, as well as a strict diet. The schedule of such a person is very busy and it takes pretty long until the results are obvious. Under these circumstances, those who  practice bodybuilding deserve a lot of respect and appreciation. Harris is one of the most popular bodybuilding models who was also invited in Oprah’s show to tell people how it feels like to have her life and how she managed to have such a career. She participated in many competitions all around the world, having a lot of fans. Renita also won many prizes and international fame. To have such a body, Renita started to practice bodybuilding since she was a child, but she also took ballet and dancing lessons. It’s amazing that although she was little, she was very ambitious and knew what she wanted. Plus, she had to work a lot and to sacrifice her leisure time for the daily workout. Harris appeared on the cover of many magazines such as Today’s Black Women, Muscle Fitness and Muscular Development, as well as Oxygen.

There are many women that want to work with her as she combines dance and sport, so the results are amazing and fast. Harris is also known as a fitness trainer for Hollywood actors and stars, her exercising being very various and useful including cardio, weight lifting, as well as many other techniques. She is also popular for the way she encourages them to do all these exercises as it should be.

In other words, Ranita is very ambitious and she manages to inspire other people, as well and to encourage them. Renita Harris is definitely an ambitious and strong woman, able to make huge efforts and sacrifices year after year, ever since she was a child. She managed to develop a new way of losing weight which combines fitness and dancing, being more pleasant to exercise this way. Renita Harris is a wonderful woman who has thousands of fans all around the world.

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Renita Harris – Bodybuilding Goddess

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Renita Harris in known throughout America as one of the most successful female bodybuilders. She has been featured in many competitions all over America and all over the world, won numerous prizes and she is of great admiration for people around the world. Renita Harris has worked in the bodybuilding industry ever since she was a child and has managed to come in on the third place in the World Championships.

Renita Harris was not always so passionate about bodybuilding. When she was a little girl, Renita Harris took on dancing, tap and ballet dancing. Renita Harris decided she no longer wanted to be this fragile little girl and decided to start bodybuilding. With a lot of hard work and ambition, she managed to make her way among the many bodybuilding female stars. She won competition after competition, and also managed to make it on the cover of many bodybuilding magazines, such as Oxygen, Today’s Black Women, Muscle Fitness and Muscular Development.

Renita Harris managed to be successful even when she started her own fitness classes, from beginner to expert. The classes of Renita Harris are unique due to her combining dance and sport, thus creating a much more pleasant way of working out and toning the muscles. There are many women that wish to work with her since she is an amazing athlete and a great woman. Renita Harris has even got workout DVDs that help people get into shape in the comfort of their own homes. The exercises she is promoting are varied: from cardio to weight lifting, all these methods are great for keeping the body in great shape and staying healthy. Renita Harris is also a very known personal fitness trainer among Hollywood stars and she has a good reputation for being able to motivate them into exercising and lose the extra pounds. Renita Harris has always done things with great ambition and determination that pushed her to be the best of all. This is one of the reasons she is so famous today.

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The Exceptional Renita Harris

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Renita Harris is a famous American fitness model and dancer. She is an icon of the fitness contests and she is respected in the whole industry due to her ambition and her performances. Renita Harris started her career as a professional dancer, due to her 15 years of jazz, tap and ballet training. She performed for artists like LL Cool J or Mr. Lee. In 1982 she decided that she wanted something else so she started to work out. She always had a passion for fitness, but she never took it seriously until that year.

Becoming a fitness model is not an easy thing to accomplish though. You have to stay in shape all year and to practice with a professional bodybuilder, who will train you in order to get noticed by magazines. Like many other fitness models, Renita Harris also started to appear in magazines and newspapers before making it to the pageants. She put together a strong portfolio, with her best pictures, and she took it to all the magazines she wanted to be featured in. This made it possible for her to appear in magazines like Oxygen, Today’s Black Women, Muscle Fitness and Muscular Development.

Later, she started to compete in contests, where she gained so many prizes that I wonder if she remembers all of them. The most important ones are Miss Illinois, Miss USA, Miss America, Miss Fitness America and even Miss Universe.

She was very pleased with herself and her success, so she thought that it would nice if she could teach other people what she has learned throughout the years. She is now a professional trainer, who teaches different classes, from the beginner level to the advanced one. Renita’s classes have become very popular, especially among women, because she combines fitness with dancing, so she created a more pleasant way to get in shape, not as rough and exhausting as fitness alone. Every woman would like to work with her, because the results you are looking for are definitely guaranteed. She is an amazing athlete, a dedicated person and an icon of the industry. In one word, Renita Harris is exceptional.

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Is Renita Harris on Twitter?

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There are quite a few Twitter users with the name Renita Harris. Some of their handles include renonezero, TheRedQueen_89, ITSNENEBABY87 and DeltaDiva8. This leads many people to assume Renita Harris the bodybuilder is on Twitter.

While it’s easy to make this mistake, Renita the fitness guru does not link to a Twitter profile from her official website.

How Can I Get in Touch with Renita?

Renita’s website does link to a Facebook group. This group’s address is

She also offers a contact page on her official website,

What’s Renita Doing in 2011?

2011 appears to be a busy year for Renita. She will be leading a special fitness class for kids from June 20th to August 4th.

If you live in Illinois and want to give your child a great way to kickstart their fitness, you can’t beat this special program. Harris is offering a full eighteen classes for the incredibly affordable price of just $100.

You can really see the value of this program when you compare it to her personal training sessions. Because they provide a one-on-one experience, Renita charges $500 for 6 sessions and $800 for 24 sessions.

Harris is also offering multiple adult classes in 2011. She’s offering a boot camp, strength training, Stronger & Leaner and All About Abs. Each program lasts for six weeks and only costs $150. This is a great opportunity if you want to work with her but need a discounted alternative to one-on-one personal training.

Renita also offers fun fitness parties. A party lasts for one hour and involves instruction for one of several sexy dance styles.

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Fitness with Renita Harris

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For personal trainers like Renita Harris there life revolves around the world of fitness and they are really good at what they know and what they do for personal training. Renita is a 5 star personal trainer to the super stars getting them results quickly and effectively. Through personal training she has not only made a great living for herself also Renita has been able to perfect her body as well as win different titles in weight training related programs and competitions. Getting people into fitness is one of Renita’s top priorities so that she can share the world that she knows so well with other like-minded people.

Deciding to train hard is a very difficult step however procrastinating about this for too long will only make things worse for you in the long run. Start of with some basic classes and then work your way to the more advance levels of training. Starting out with a personal trainer like Renita would be the perfect way to get into fitness as ladies like her will know exactly how to get you motivated. From cardio to weight lifting there are literally thousands of different varieties of training methods but as Renita would tell you there is really only one way to train correctly. So get started today with your fitness and if you are feeling the lack of motivation you can contact Renita Harris to become a personal trainer for you.

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Renita Harris Fitness Classes

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If you are looking to get back in shape and begin an exciting and rigorous regiment of workouts, Renita Harris offers some of the best options of fitness classes. Located in Illinois, Renita Harris provides several kinds of rigorous workout classes that are sure to help you get into the best shape of your life.

One of Renita Harris’ best-known classes is her Boot Camp. This class is every Monday and Wednesday for six weeks. This class costs 96 USD. This class builds strength all throughout the body. It also helps lead to significant weight loss results. Also a good source of cardio, this military inspired class is perfect if you are looking for a rigorous course that is sure to show results.

The All About Abs class also lasts six weeks but is only held on Saturdays. This classes focuses on building stronger abs, all the way to the core. Intended to help build six packs, this fitness class also strengthens the individual’s entire core.

The Kick Butt Cardio class is a boot camp style class that combines cardio and kickboxing for a class that is sure to leave you sore and in a shape you’ll love.

If you are a woman looking to get into better shape and learn some fun new dancing styles, there are several different Renita Harris class choices available. From strip teasing to lap dancing to pole dancing, there are several dance styles that will put you in good shape and add something exciting to your private bedroom life.

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Working out with Renita Harris

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There are now many models for the fitness industry after the year 2000 made it very plain to the average person that a sedentary lifestyle was the cause of diabetes, heart disease and many other problems that lead to an early death. Renita Harris is a dedicated model of fitness being an athlete herself as well as a body builder and endorser of health products. gone are the days of the all male focused fitness industry and today women are pumping iron just as hard as the men are. Renita will tell you that without the right amount of hormones and natural chemicals in your body then women will not grow giant muscles like Renita have now. It took many years for her to build up her body to such an extent that she could win competitions and become a fitness spokes person. Lately Renita has been involved in more than just body building which brings her into helping others achieve their goals too.

When people get together to train it is something that can only help you get into the mood and start training yourself because the motivation of training often lies in watching others do it. You can find many of Renita’s training videos online or you can purchase her DVD fitness instruction movies which will aid you in your goals of becoming a fit and healthy individual. Her passion for the fitness industry has provided the right kind of inspiration for thousands of people who perhaps do not want to be as muscular as Renita but would like to change the way they look and feel. Getting into fitness is something that Renita Harris is happy to promote to you because her life has done so well from her own training. If you are looking for a change in lifestyle or you are trying to get your body into a healthy place then listen to her advice and follow the simple fitness rules she gives you.

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Renita Harris

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Even though most people would know that Renita Harris is a model for the fitness industry however she is many other things than just this. Being a role model for fitness and modeling Renita is one lady that has a very shining career in front of her even though she is getting older. Modeling does tend to stop at a certain age however in the fitness industry it is about having what is perceived as a beautiful body rather than focused on beauty as a whole which unfortunately often includes facial features. Renita is not bad looking at all however as you age the wrinkles start to come out and modeling agencies no longer want girls with wrinkles promoting their skin cream. Renita has a job for keeps as long as she continues to work out and be a spokes person for the fitness industry.

Starting out at a young age Renita was always interested in sport however not so much the fitness and weights training until later in her teens. Watching those around her strive to achieve their goals Renita fell naturally into the fitness industry and prospered from her very first day because of the hard work and dedication that she puts in. Like all good business women Renita has developed her own style of products and marketing which gives her that unique twist which will have her in the spot light for much longer. If you are interested in watching some of Renita Harris’ workout videos then you can watch them online by downloading her routines. Once you try a workout from the collections of Renita Harris workouts then you will know what working out is really all about. The slogan no pain, no gain is not what it is all cracked up to be however Renita gives it a whole new definition for fitness fanatics.

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